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Office of General Affairs



Section Duty Tel No.
The Documentation Section responsible for the reception, distribution, and management of various documents;

+886 2 23113040


The Affairs Section responsible for procurement, maintenance, and campus security management.

+886 2 23113040


The Cashier’s Section responsible for the salaries of teaching and administrative staff, the acceptance of miscellaneous fees, and handling of payment agents; 

+886 2 23113040


The Property Management Section responsible for the management of the university’s various properties, the management and distribution of goods, estate management, and contracts;

+886 2 23113040


The Construction and Maintenance Section responsible for campus dormitory construction and other facilities, and all new construction and maintenance projects for on-campus educational facilities;

+886 2 23113040


The Branch Campus Office of General Affairs responsible for all general affairs at the Tianmu campus.

+886 2 28718288